Luxury Series

The deep-sea shark cartilage extract collagen peptidesadded in Anadyomene luxury series isextracting the acid mucopolysaccharide in deep-sea shark cartilage link protein to the latest technology. It can effectively activate the dermal layer of collagen and mucopolysaccharidessecretion, build the elastin structure network, make the aging dermis layer of cells to be replenished, achieve the effect of firming, repair and activation postpone aging.

The sea fennel plant extracts added in Anadyomene luxury series, is a France fennel plantgrown in the sea of the coast of Brittany, via the high-tech technology to extract the natural anti-nutrient composition. It can effectively activate the epidermal mother cell function, accelerate metabolismdue to external pollution and light pollution arising from free radicals and black speed precipitation. It effectively improves the skin moisturizing function, which is aimed to achieve improvement in skin brightness, increase to resist invaders capacity and reduce skin aging.

Ocean series

Anadyomene Ocean series, composed by Cellulosomes Eryngium and alaria Esculenta etc., is new anti-aging ingredients development oriented products, full range enhance skin metabolism - Live Hwan skin cells, replenish the skin with needed nutrient, make the skin healthy and shining.